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Community Projects


Solar Thermal or Photovoltaic energy generation to be studied for use in Community Buildings


Support the setting up of a Community Forest


Commission detailed study of Wind Energy Generation Options


Supporting the continued retro-fitting of houses - solid fuel perhaps!

Enhancing an already excellent and world renowned walking holiday destination
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Community Walking Trails


Outline Route planning has taken place


Alternative routes have been identified


Proposed route from Glenealy to Deputy’s Pass


Landowner permissions being sought


Compliance with legal trail requirements being prepared

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Local Cooperative


Some of the Principles involved are:


Voluntary and open membership


Democratic member control


Member economic participation


Bulk buying


Sharing of materials & machinery


Education, Training and Information


Concern for community

Could the local community possibly benefit from Wicklow's most abundant resource ?

Community Forest


an interesting proposition because:


Dovetails with other Ballynagran Energy⁺ Projects


Long-term community economic development.


Community economic participation


Local employment


Sharing of materials & machinery


Local-level decision making


Educational spin-off


Benefits the community

Consolidate the already considerable retrofitting progress made by the Ballynagran Energy Plus Community
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Consolidate the Retrofit


Support the installation of wood-burning stoves


Provide advice on external installation


Distribution of energy monitoring meters


Examine alternative solar energy solutions


Forging links with SEAI in order for members to avail of the current grants - Details Here.

Evergy Saturday Morning in the Beehive Carpark

Food Group - Farmers Market


Established in March 2011 at the Beehive


Centre of the Ballynagran Energy Plus Community District


Hub for social interaction and trade in the community


Developing local business and trade


Amenity for the people of Wicklow


An ideal location to showcase local artisan producers


Plans to offer local schools the opportunity to sell produce at the market


Transition year students business module studies - real experience


Benefits the community

Could the local community benefit from one of Wicklow's most abundant resources?

Community WindFarm - An Option


Feasibilty study completed.


Potential for wind farm identified.


Potential Locations examined


Ideal location identified


Comprehensive public consultation will take place


Economic implications of big or small to be examined


Comparison with alternative renewable energy sources to be outlined


Actual long-term return to community to be detailed

Not something to ignore, particularly in this area! 

Home Health and Safety


Radon is a radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell or taste.


Radon gas causes lung cancer.


The presence of Radon can be measured by a simple test.


Two small detectors, about the size of an air freshener, are placed in your home.


After three months you post them to the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland.


Economic implications of big or small to be examined


Ballynagran Energy Plus has organized radon tests in many of the local homes


More info here--->Videos about Dealing with Radon Gas

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things" - Mother Theresa

How to get involved


If you wish to participate in the project and avail of the free energy audit, radon test, light bulbs and other community benefits, please contact us through our website


Ballynagran Energy⁺


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