Transport goals are:

The best way is Up![

To reduce use of their vehicular transport and, where journeys are necessary, to replace the use of carbon fuel with greener energy by, for example, linking in with a network of each e-charging points for electrical vehicles.

To encourage a healthier lifestyle for residents in the area and to promote recreational tourism through walking and cycling and to encourage the use of the wealth of local natural and cultural assets.

Electric charging points

A different kind of fill-up!

The installation of you e-charging points in key locations within say a 20 mile radius of Wicklow town has the benefit of reducing so-called ‘range anxiety’ i.e. the fear factor associated with electric vehicles running out of power, as the drivers will always be close to a charging point. It also makes it easier to promote the concept of electric motoring in the Wicklow area.

Walking and cycling

Wicklow – the Best Walking Routes in Ireland

For decades Co Wicklow has been a popular destination of participants in various outdoor recreations.

Ballynagran is ideally located to become a major recreational walking and cycling destination

Recreational walking considerably exceeds other activities as the most popular form of physical activity undertaken in Ireland.

A Healthy Option!

We have to encourage a healthier lifestyle by making it easier safer and more attractive to walk and/or, cycle with dedicated walkways and cycle trails and thus also reduce carbon use.

Our vision is to have a series of trails that offer a wide choice of links and usage (walking, cycling etc.) that can be interlinked to other townships in the area e.g. Rathnew, Ashford and Rathdrum.

Heritage Route
A Heritage Route is proposed for the area. This is a specific route on existing roads and is designed to join up and promote the interesting focal points in Ballynagran Energy Plus area and to encourage the community and tourists like to use these facilities with directional and information signage.




Its Your Place, After All!

If you wish to get involved in the transport group please contact us at or attend one of the public meetings announced on the Public Events/ Meeting sections of this website.


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