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The purpose: Low-cost energy retrofit availing of local tradesmen .
The main concern of the Ballynagran Energy Plus Committee is to maximise the benefits of the scheme for the community and to support local businesses in the area. The committee is therefore pleased to announce that they have set up a Community Retrofits Company.

The company will offer to carry out retrofit works in conjunction with a panel of contractors from the area at low cost availing predominantly of local labour and purchasing at bulk.

Take Care of Me

Energy audits for your home

Free energy performance test for your home

Over 325 homes have now been energy assessed within the community. The assessment was carried out to the current BER Standard and each homeowner received an energy advisory report, detailing proposed improvements to the home, estimated cost to complete the work, provisional savings and indicative payback periods plus the energy rating that could be achieved by implementing the proposals.

Every Skill available locally

Competitive quotes from local contractors
If you wish to obtain a competitive quote for any improvement works you wish to carry out under the Small Grants Scheme‘s application please contact Declan O’Flaherty on 087 2637226. Declan will also be able to advise you on the most advantageous improvement works on your energy advisory report.

In general availing of a local contractor is a wise choice not just because it benefits the local economy but also because both sides have reputations to protect and to enhance and the local review system ensures that high standards will win out.


And Shop Local

An interim review of energy ratings found within the community is shown below the majority of houses and the ‘D’ to ‘G’ spectrum 63% whilst there is only 5% in the ‘A’ to ‘B’ category. There is an awful lot of work to be done

If you wish to get involved in the retrofit group please contact us at ballynagran.energyplus@gmail.com or attend one of the public meetings announced on the Public Events/ Meeting sections of this website.

Another great way to become involved is to join the Local Retrofit Group.


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