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Where IsOurPlace? Who Are We ?

Ballynagran lies in the heart of County Wicklow the ‘Garden of Ireland ‘and has a wealth of gardens and woodlands such as Deputy’s Pass, Mount Usher Gardens and Kilmacurragh Gardens and Arboreteum within its vicinity.

The Ballynagran Community has embarked on an ambitious and generous project to become an Energy Plus Community within the next fifteen years, focusing on energy consumption in buildings, transportation and food production.

Included within the Ballynagran Community Energy Plus Project are the Townlands that are within 3km of the area and this 'greater' area includes approximately 600 homes. Many of the homes are located in the village of Glenealy on the western edge of the community.

 The overall mission of this project is to dramatically reduce the energy use of this rural community and eventually to create an energy independent region.

The long term objective is to produce locally a surplus of energy from renewable resources in order to create an energy independent community. Hence the logo

Kilmacurragh Gardens and Arboreteum

Kilmacurragh - A Jewel


Kilmacurragh, a 7th century monastic settlement, later became the centrepiece of an 18th century estate that once covered over 5000 acres (2000 ha).


The association of Kilmacurragh with the National Botanic Gardens began in 1854.


The milder climate, higher rainfall and deeper, acidic soils of this historic Wicklow garden, provide a counterpoint to the collections at the Botanic Garden, Glasnevin.


Visit this wonderful Garden for free.


Making OurPlace a Better Place
These are the Townlands included in the Ballynagran Energy Community


Get Involved!

    An area comprising approximately 3500 hectares is included in this project.

Among the townlands are:

Ashtown, Ballinaclogh, Ballinacooley,Ballinameesda Lower, Ballinameesda Upper, Ballinclare, Ballinteskin, Ballydowling, Ballyfree East, Ballygonnell, Ballykeppoge, Ballykillavane, Ballymanus Lower, Ballymerrigan, Ballymoat, Ballymoney, Ballymurrin Lower, Ballymurrin Upper, Ballynabarny, Ballynagran, Ballynerrin Upper, Bonabrocka, Carrigmore, Coolacork, Gormanstown, Hawkstown Lower, Hawkstown Upper, Kilbride, Kilcandra, Kilnamanagh Beg, Kilnamanagh More, Newtown, Roscath.

Rolling hills, scots pines and hot whiskeys!
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Photo kindly provided by Pat King

Winter 2010 Ballynagran


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Transforming Our Environment

What we are hoping to achieve with the project

Community benefits

This project is intended to provide stimulus for the Ballynagran energy plus area through the following benefits for the local community.

Environment – establishing an energy plus community to create a more sustainable environment.

Employment – two persons currently unemployed will be hired to carry out much of the energy audits proposed.

Health – Wicklow is a high risk radon region, and the measurement of radon will identify where remedial measures are required.

Educational – a database detailing the energy use of all houses will provide a valuable research resource.

Image and Reputation – and energy plus community will draw both national and international interest to this region.

Conserving our Heritage - a fascinating example

Ballymurrin Quaker Homestead


Built in 1669, the farmstead is a remarkable survival of 17th century rural architecture with many exceptional internal features of the time.


The farmstead is open from 2 to 6pm every day during September and after that by appointment.



Please contact Philip or Delphine on 0404 48206 or 086 1734560 for further details and directions.


Availing of Local, National and EU Funding

How we are funded and what we are doing.

Funding has been secured from Wicklow County Council in association with Greenstar Ballynagran Landfill Community Fund for the first phase of the project.

This involves completing an energy audit of every participating home in the study area, retrofitting the local primary school with Passive House Standard materials and an environmental educational programme.

The first year's effort will provide a very sound basis for subsequent phases which will see the upgrading of homes and business to significantly reduce their energy consumption.

Such works could be done by a Retrofitting Cooperative, owned and operated by the local community, providing sustainable "Green Collar" employment.

Studies into the possibility of establishing a Community Forest, a Community Allotment Scheme and a Community Wind Farm are about to begin.

The feasibility of establishing community electric-car-charging points and expanding the current walking trails are also being explored.

World Renowned Walking & Horse Drawn Caravan Holiday Destination

A Different Holiday


Why not take to the road with a horse pulling your home and experience the adventure of the gypsy lifestyle?


A moving covered wagon where 4/5 people can sleep and cook is very hard to beat!


Or why not try walking holidays with a difference? With a friendly donkey by your side discover the natural beauty of wicklow the garden of ireland.


One Visitors Video


Improving our Environment and Making OurPlace a better place
Passive House Pioneer - Tomas O'Leary's House being built!

Passive House


Tomas O'Leary, a local resident, is one of main architects of the Ballynagran Energy Plus Community.


Tomas's home was the first certified Passive House built in the English Speaking World


Tomas has produced many instructional videos on energy conservation and on 21st century building technology and practices


Your input is needed to shape the Values and the Future of this Community

How to get involved

If you wish to participate in the project and avail of the free energy audit, radon test, light bulbs and other community benefits, please contact us through our website

Ballynagran Energy Plus

or just click Join Your Community.

If you are already a member of this online community Join or Create a Group that interests you at Join or Create a Group

Making OurPlace a Better Place

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