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c.5000 BC - 500 AD  
Settlement sites and finds of flint tools at Brides Head and at Brittas Bay south of Wicklow town, and a flint axehead in a stream at Coolbeg confirm the presence of Hunter-Gatherers in this area during the Late Mesolithic period (c. 5500 - 3500BC).

Fulachtaí fiadh - multipurpose kitchens and washing areas, with probable uses including cooking, brewing, dying of cloth, and bathing areas.

Their presence indicates that the area was extensively settled by the Bronze Age. A Bronze Age flat axe of Harbison’s Killaha type was found in a field near the Beehive crossroads.

Further west in Ballinagore past Aughrim an early Bronze Age bowl Food Vessel, a stone battleaxe and a flint knife were discovered in a rectangular stone-lined cist - burial place.
Lots of local archaeological evidence of early extensive settlement of this area
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c AD 500-1169  
Extensive settlement at this time is attested to by the numerous ring forts found in the area including at Ballinameesda Upper and at Kilnamanagh More.

Gaelic speaking Celts gave the town lands their names 'Baile na gcrann', the townland of the trees, 'Cuil Beag' the little corner, 'Coill na manaigh' the monks wood, and 'Cill Conraidh' the church of Conraidh.

The area Glenealy and Ballynagran formed part of the territory of the Dal Messin Corb tribe also known as Ui Garrcghon.

St. Kevin of Glendalough was from this tribe and his family were associated with Kilcandra Church ( destroyed by Colonel Acton in 1830) which was the local center of religious devotion at that time.
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Dermot Mac Murrogh, High King Rory O'Connor and the Mac Giollamocholmogs.


MacDermots Castle, the O'Tooles and the O'Brynes, the Deputy's Pass and Black Hill Massacres


The rise and sleeveen treachery of the gombeen men


The endless battle and near destruction of Ballynagran


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